Bartlesville Law Firm Practice Areas

Wirth Law Office – Bartlesville provides a narrowly focused range of legal services targeted toward the needs of individuals and families. Our Bartlesville attorney’s focus on core practice areas means you have access to a local lawyer who stays current on the latest case law, knows Washington County Courts and is experienced in developing legal strategies for the kinds of matters for which you are most likely to need legal representation.

Criminal Law

When you need a Bartlesville criminal attorney for defense against felony charges, misdemeanor charges or traffic infractions, ask the defense attorney at Wirth Law Office – Bartlesville how you can best address the charges levied against you. When the going gets tough, the Bartlesville attorney turns to a team of tough, aggressive lawyers associated with the regional firm. Our network of powerful associates and ample regional facilities provides the depth of resources to meet the toughest challenges.

Family Law

As a Bartlesville divorce lawyer, attorney Peter J. Knowles understands the range of urgent and often complicated circumstances that bring individuals to adjudicate matters of family law. In a divorce, he can help assure your interests are protected, whether that requires timely action, tedious discovery to uncover hidden assets or firm, diplomatic negotiation to settle a matter through mediation. When you need to collect child support – or have a spouse seeking more child support than your circumstances allow — the Wirth Law Office Bartlesville family lawyer knows how to cut to the chase, accurately calculating what the law requires. When child custody is called into question, our office knows how to ask the questions that need to be asked to assure your parental rights are protected.

Personal Injury

In personal injury cases,  the Bartlesville attorney works to get you the compensation you need to fully recover from an unexpected injury that resulted from someone else’s careless actions. If you’re the victim of a dog bite, you had a slip and fall accident caused by someone’s failure to exercise care when they opened their business to the public, you were injured in a car accident or you were the victim of medical malpractice, the Bartlesville injury attorney can help you get on the road to financial recovery. Because we only take cases where we are confident we can prevail, in most personal injury cases you pay nothing until and unless we get a settlement or judgement in your favor.


It’s not uncommon for a person to be dismissed from a job due to corporate cutbacks, company politics or even pettiness on the part those in charge. Sometimes people lose their jobs because they’re just not the best fit for the job. That doesn’t mean they’re not entitled to collect unemployment insurance while they look for another job. Employers are required to carry unemployment insurance for just that reason — the job market is a competitive market where employers can often let employees go at the drop of a hat for purely business reasons. It’s also common for employers to allege that a fired or laid-off worker did something wrong, and doesn’t deserve to collect unemployment. That’s when you need an Oklahoma unemployment attorney.

You need not face your employer alone, and you need not be intimidated by the official hearings – usually conducted by telephone – where an employer is allowed to state the reasons they think you don’t deserve unemployment. The Bartlesville unemployment attorney often knows better than employers what are the limited reasons you can be denied unemployment benefits. If the employer can’t prove their case, you can get your benefits — including back payments for the weeks your unemployment insurance was withheld.

Our Other Legal Practice Areas

Wirth Law Office – Bartlesville provides legal counsel for estate planning, in probate proceedings, in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases and for immigration matters including visas and naturalization. Our regional network of attorneys assures you we have the skill and expertise – including fluent Spanish language practitioners — to meet your individual legal needs.

Free Consultation: Bartlesville Attorney

To help you determine if we provide the skills you need to have the confidence you can prevail in your legal matter, the Wirth Law Office – Bartlesville offers free phone consultations with a Bartlesville attorney. Call us today at (918) 213-0950. If you prefer written correspondence, email or submit the “Ask an Attorney” form at the top right of this page. Additionally, you can contact us toll-free at (888) Wirth-Law (888-947-8452).

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