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Federal Criminal Defense in Bartlesville

federal criminal defense attorneys in OklahomaIf you are facing federal criminal charges then you need a federal criminal attorney immediately.

Without good legal counsel facing criminal charges alone at the federal level can mean worse outcomes including more jail time and steeper financial penalties. When you face federal charges, your life is on the line. Years of incarceration can devastate families and break people who should not have lost their freedom.

A federal defense lawyer lawyer who knows the federal courts inside and out can guide you through this crisis. Call us today to find out how we can bring to the table the resources you need to navigate federal criminal courts.

Federal Prosecutors versus the D.A.

Too many people underestimate federal prosecutors and they pay dearly for it.

Federal prosecutors are the most elite members of the law enforcement community in this country. State level prosecutors, assistant district attorneys and the like, can run the gamut from good to awful. However, even the best state-level prosecutors have a mere fraction of the time and resources afforded to federal prosecutors.

A lawyer who is experienced in only state matters is not the champion you need. You need someone who is tough enough and savvy enough to see the angles in a case brought by a federal prosecutor and investigated by federal law enforcement. You might think a local attorney you know and trust is up to the task, but only a few attorneys practicing in state courts are admitted to practice in federal court – much less have the experience to make the best of their federal court access.

A local prosecutor is to a federal prosecutor what a small town cop is to an FBI agent. They are in an entirely different league. Rules of evidence are different, judicial attitudes are different and the resources available to prosecutors can be significantly greater in a federal criminal proceeding. If you are facing a federal charge, then you are playing in the big leagues and you need a federal court professional on your side.

Free Consultation with a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are facing federal charges or a federal criminal investigation don’t delay in seeking representation b. Call Wirth Law Office in Bartlesville to get help today: (918) 213-0950.

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