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Immigration is a hot button issue here in Oklahoma and around the nation. As a Bartlesville immigration attorney, affiliated with a regional firm skilled in immigration law, I keep up with the latest legal developments that affect immigration cases. Whether it’s for you, a family member or a close friend, this emotionally charged legal issue hits close to your heart. That’s why you need a skilled attorney to provide timely, confidential, and aggressive immigration law representation.

We also provide strategic legal guidance for those looking for assistance with obtaining a visa, adopting children, attempting citizenship through naturalization, and hiring international workers for your Washington County, Oklahoma business.

Areas of Immigration Law

Family and Child Immigration Law: Immigration laws can be tricky, confusing and frustrating to understand especially when its an emotional issue that could separate families. If you are trying to secure assistance to help your fiancée obtain a visa, or if you need an immediate relative green card, or if you’re adopting a child, we can provide legally sound and timely assistance right at our Bartlesville law office.

Deportation: The fear of possibly being deported is something that weighs heavy in the hearts and minds of those living in the United States without legal documentation. It also is also an extremely confusing legal process if your loved one is caught up in a deportation hearing. As a Bartlesville immigration attorney, I’m here to help clear up the confusion of deportation and explore the possible legal rights of those involved.

Business Immigration: There are many talented workers here in Washington County, Oklahoma. But sometimes businesses look for a diverse workforce that live outside the United State’s borders. There are many complicated visa requirements for employers that would like to hire foreign workers. If you need help understanding the process  to obtain a visitor visa for persons desiring to enter the United States temporarily for business, we can discuss that issue as well.

Don’t Go it Alone

When it comes to immigration law, whether it’s for a loved one living outside the US, a baby joining your family or if you’re a Washington County business with questions about expanding your workforce, it’s important you have a trusted immigration attorney in your corner. Call the Bartlesville attorney today.

Confidential Consultation: Bartlesville Immigration Attorney

The Wirth Law Office – Bartlesville offers free phone consultations with a Bartlesville immigration attorney by dialing (918) 213-0950 or toll-free at (888) Wirth-Law.  Or, submit your question for the Bartlesville attorney in the “Ask an Attorney” form at the top right of this page

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