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Medical Marijuana Lawyer in Bartlesville

The “greenrush” in Oklahoma is in full swing as businesses are getting established to service the medical marijuana market since legalization of medical cannabis. The tricky legal issues that arise can have huge consequences and require a medical marijuana attorney uniquely focused on the industry.

Medical marijuana remains illegal under federal law despite Oklahoma’s OMMA law. Though, Oklahoma is not the first state to legalize medical marijuana it is still on the cutting edge of cannabis legalization in the U.S. and its strange relationship with federal prohibition. Developments are moving faster than a non-specialist can keep up and medical marijuana businesses like dispensaries cannot afford to “go it alone” instead of hiring a reliable medical marijuana lawyer who can guide them toward the safest, most legally compliant operations possible under OMMA.

Detail-Oriented Medical Marijuana Attorney to Manage Risk

Medical marijuana businesses need to handle legal issues long before they become legal problems. A legal problem or oversight in the medical marijuana area can quickly become a crisis that threatens the business and endangers the owners and investors. An oversight regarding the scope of a license can cause financial loss for an ordinary business. But for a cannabis business a similar misstep could actually result in a criminal infraction that could lead to criminal charges. The stakes are high.

Manage risk and protect yourself by consulting a medical marijuana attorney before problems arise. An Oklahoma medical marijuana lawyer at Wirth Law Office in Bartlesville can be your most important adviser to ensure you reap the benefits of this industry and are not negatively impacted by the significant risks.

All Your Legal Needs Handled All in One Place

Medical cannabis businesses need help in every area of law from commercial agreements to employment matters to litigation. That’s why you want a medical marijuana lawyer from Wirth Law Office with a network of expert attorneys throughout Oklahoma who can manage your unique business needs. You can get the attention of a small firm, near you, with the resources and support of a big firm. A sampling of matters we handle for our clients:

  • Incorporation, entity structures, partnership agreements
  • Dispensary compliance
  • OBNDD registrations
  • OMMA licensing, renewals and more
  • Grower licensing and compliance
  • Hemp program applications
  • NDAs
  • Release forms
  • Municipal and business licenses

Call us for a Free Consultation

Your initial consult with a Wirth Law Office medical marijuana attorney is always free. Find out how Medical Marijuana Lawyers in Bartlesville from Wirth Law Office can serve your needs in the medical cannabis industry! Call: (918) 213-0950.

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