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  • In Bartlesville, Oklahoma, What is Shooting with Intent to Kill?

    Shooting with intent to kill is a serious felony offense in Oklahoma. If convicted, you could spend many years in prison. If you are facing charges make sure to hire an experienced Bartlesville Oklahoma criminal defense attorney.

  • Defining Larceny from a House in Bartlesville, Oklahoma

    Larceny from a house is a felony in Oklahoma. It requires the entering and theft from a house. If convicted, you could spend years in prison. Hire an experienced attorney to help you determine your options under the law.

  • Bartlesville Attorney in Time Magazine

    Wirth Law Office proudly sponsored Time Magazine’s 2014 Person of the Year edition.

  • Synthetic Marijuana Charges Dismissed

    Bartlesville attorney Peter J. Knowles won a significant victory for a local business owner when he filed a motion to dismiss charges of Conspiracy to Distribute Controlled Dangerous Substances and Maintaining a Business where Controlled Dangerous Substances are Sold. A court granted the motion, sparing the local store owner potentially lengthy prison term. As Mr. […]

  • Stadium Lawsuit Highlights Owners Premise Liability Duties

    A widower’s lawsuit filed in Payne County this month against Oklahoma State University alleging negligence in his wife’s slip-and-fall accident at Boone Pickens Stadium highlights the need for commercial enterprises to carefully assess stairway safety at public facilities. According the plaintiff’s petition in CJ-2012-514 (Payne County) Charlotte Mayfield died as a result of injuries incurred […]

  • In Automobile Accident Lawsuit: What a Difference a Day Makes

    Court Rules on Statute of Limitations In Car Crash One day can make a huge difference when it comes to legal deadlines. The Oklahoma Supreme Court last week reversed a Court of Civil Appeals decision involving a one-year statute of limitations in a car-accident lawsuit against Logan County. The Supreme Court sent the case back […]

  • Possession of CDS Charges Dropped

    Wirth Law Office’s Bartlesville criminal defense attorney successfully won dismissal of charges against a Mannford woman who was the victim of a botched drug raid. There was never any real question that police had raided the wrong home when they invaded the home where the woman lived with her husband – a disabled veteran – […]

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